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Kingdom Growth Institute gives real time, practical training to aspiring ministers.

The goal behind ClearView’s launch of the Kingdom Growth Institute is simple: infuse young, vibrant, and prepared ministers into congregations across the nation. ClearView will literally be used by God to support churches from coast to coast by doing something universities struggle to do: give real-time, practical training to aspiring ministers.

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Kingdom Growth Institute [KGI] will be led by Graham Inman, who is now in the final stages of his doctoral work. KGI is a residency model, much like what you see with physicians. We will take college graduates for (2) years, coach them up, let them support ClearView’s local ministry and missions efforts, and then we ship them out to fulfill their purpose.

Watching churches decline across our nation is heart-breaking…but the reality is we don’t have to watch. We can do something about the state of God’s people in America. And there is no better place to start than growing up the next generation of pastors and leaders to move our nation’s churches forward.

Our promise to the residents who come through Kingdom Growth Institute is found in the name itself: growth. It is our chief desire that every resident who comes through the program will experience tangible growth in many different ways. For some, that might mean growing in their own spiritual development and gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and how they are wired. For others, that growth will happen in the professional sense through consistent exposure to and experience in a real-world church ministry setting. Regardless of how, we promise that those who come and experience this program will be sent out as a stronger leader than they were when they arrived.

Why Choose Us

  • We simultaneously invest in who you are professionally and personally.

  • We will help you find ways to thrive in your strengths and grow in your weaknesses.

  • You get to work closely with peers who are your age and with our experienced ministry leaders.

  • We provide real-life ways to get your hands “dirty” in Gospel work.

Areas of Residency

We are currently not searching for residents in any specific ministry area, but welcome you to contact us with any questions or areas of interest.

Meet the Residents

Molly Atkins
Molly AtkinsCommunications
Molly was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She came to ClearView and KGI after working for FUGE Camps and graduating from Wright State University with her bachelor’s in business, Marketing. Through KGI, Molly hopes to gain real-world experience while also learning to use her strengths/abilities to glorify Christ.
Jamie Savley
Jamie SavleyStudent Ministry
Jamie is from Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He is a graduate from Lee University with a degree in Youth Ministry and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Business Management and Leadership at Bryan College. He was previously employed with FUGE Camps where he worked two summers. Jamie hopes that the KGI will teach him how to deal with the deep issues experienced in ministry and further his relationship with Christ.
Emma Jones Mullins
Emma Jones MullinsStudent Ministry
Emma calls Franklin, TN her home and is about to graduate with her Bachelors in Biblical Studies and Theology from Liberty University. She is hoping KGI will give her a better understanding of what it means to be a Spiritual Leader and how to accurately shepherd believers in pushing them more towards Christ.
Noah Stansfield
Noah StansfieldAdult Ministry

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